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Aug 22, 2018

Guys! I'm so excited! I finally have my next interview for the podcast, and it is with the awesome, incomparable James Newman! He was my planned second guest, and then life gets in the way and wasn't able to do it when we had planned it, so I planned other interviews, and again life gets in the way and those didn't happen when planned. So, it was meant to be that he was always going to be my second guest.

I really hope you guys enjoy this episode, we talk about his newest project, "Dog Days O Summer" a fan and personal favorite, "The Wicked", I get a couple exclusives on some new projects, but the biggest topic of them all... our mutual love for Ellen Burstyn in the movie "Requiem For a Dream".

James Newman:

Instagram: @namwensemaj

Twitter: @newmanjam

"Dog Days O Summer":

"The Wicked":